Sport Camp - Riviera



Thursday May 17, 2018


Sports are FUN, but they are more fun when you get better! Our professional, passionate, and positive coaches will help you to become a better player and a more inspired athlete. Sport Camps provide the perfect opportunity to improve skills, make new friends, laugh, and smile a lot. This is accomplished through positive reinforcement coaching, with skill level training, from high level, skilled coaches. Each athlete can choose: Golf, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Sailing, Skiing (on season), swimming and more on request! A variety of athletic activities are combined with languages lessons. Emphasis is on fun, sportsmanship, and participation. Whether playing his favorite sport or learning a new sport, each camper leaves with a feeling of satisfaction and achievement — and has fun! Sport camp: A different way to learn a language every day!

Start date: All year round

Entry requirements: No level required

Minimum age: 8 yo

Location: Nice & Cannes

Duration: 1 week minimum

Lessons: 16 lessons per week

Maximum class size: 15 students

Accommodation: Host families / residence / hotel

Activities: Golf, Tennis, Sailing, Ski, Football, etc.



Nice & Cannes

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