Private Student Accommodation

Private student accommodation is very similar to university on-campus accommodation  and it has its cons and prons.

Normally students who couldn’t get a place at the university accommodation due to its limited availablity tend to go for a private accommodation option. However, there are students who make it as a first choice for several reasons: its normally more modern, has wider range of services, such as free cleaning, private laundry services, fancy restaurant on site, gym facilities, cinema and others. It doesn't mean that university on-campus accommodation won't have those advantages, but it less likey and will vary from university to university.

The biggest disadvantage of private accommodation is that its normally pricely with at least 20-30% being more expensive than on-campus university accommodation. But, again this is a general quote and prices vary from one accommodation to another.

A great advantage of private accommodation is the selection and availability of rooms, as the choice is huge and can be tailored to any needs. Rooms offering starts from a very basic rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom, en-suite rooms (with private toilet) to studios and spacios apartments.

An Important information to keep in mind is that all accommodation would require a deposit payment together with first 6 months rent payment for long-term contracts. Rent counts weekly with most typical offer of 43, 46 or 52 weeks contracts. Longer the contract lower the rent price per week. 

The greatest advantage of student accommodation is all-inclusive offer, so students won't have to worry about anything. All utility bills are included in the price.

SSE team would be happy to provide students with as much information as possible possible about available options at the chosen location, helping to make the right choice based on the budget and personal needs.


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