Living with a host family is the best way for you to plunge into native-speaking environment of that language you wish to learn. There is no better way to experience say the British or French way of life rather than living like a native. By living with native speakers, you will completely soak up the culture and traditions without even stepping out of the house.

We only work with host families that are selected and verified by our university/school partners and have experience of hosting international students. All family members are native language speakers and will not speak to students their native language. This in fact makes a homestay living option to be one of the most effective in terms of language learning, as students are left with no option, but speaking a foreign language. Homestay option can have a small disadvantage compared to University accommodations, as students should be prepared to commute to school/university. We always try to locate our students as close as possible to the university, so in average it normally takes about 15-30 minutes for a student to get to the class.


What’s Included?

Meals: Breakfast and dinner will be provided every day from Monday to Saturday.

Room Type:  Double and Single occupancy rooms are available, but not guaranteed.

Bathroom: Shared between family members (normally 2-3 people).

Internet and Wi-Fi: are provided.

*Host families usually host 1-3 students at a time. 

Homestay FAQ

What if I don’t like my host family?
Will my host family speak English?
Will I have a roommate?
What should I bring with me?
What is the food like?
Is a Damage Deposit required?

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