France Excursions

We offer to our students a wide range of social and cultural activities that give students an extraordinary opportunity to enhance their experience abroad.

We can offer a great variety of different excursion packages, which include visits to some of the finest museums, galleries, theatres, and architectural monuments in the world, as well as weekend trips to London and South France.

Most activities are covered in the cost of your package and include day trips to places such as Chantilly, Giverny, and Versailles. Special events such as cheese tastings, film screenings, lectures, literary readings, walking tours, and guided museum visits are also scheduled. SSE organizes outings to theatre, ballet, and opera performances, as well as for special art exhibitions. Weekend excursions are organized to places such as Avignon, Burgandy, Mont-Saint-Michel, and La Rochelle. Most of these trips are subsidized by SSE in Paris. Unless required for a Programs, all activities are optional.

Excursions in Paris:

  • Bayeux Home of the Bayeux Tapestry, one of the oldest surviving complete tapestries in the world.
  • Chateau de Versailles World-famous palace of Louis XIV that served as the symbol of wealth, power and absolute monarchy.
  • Chartes Cathedral Just an hour train ride from Paris is the delightful village of Chartres, which features the Chartres Cathedral, one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in all of Europe.
  • Giverny Monet’s home for 43 years, which served as his inspiration for many of his famous works, including his Les Nympheas (The Waterlilies). Loire Valley – Known for its world-famous chateaux such as the Cha^teaux d'Amboise, Cha^teau de Chambord, Cha^teau de Villandry and over 300 others. Mont St-Michel - Quaint town built on a tidal island.
  • Versailles Visit the Palace of King Louis XV and Marie Antoinette and site of the French Revolution. The palace is amazing and takes a lot of time to see. For a different perspective look into bike tours given by a company called Fat Tire Bike Tours. Some past students took a tour around the Versailles Gardens, which included a great picnic lunch on the green. The tour was said to be fun and informative.


Can’t choose between London and Paris?

So, why not try both by choosing one of our special packages.

We are happy to offer our student a great opportunity to combine study in Paris and London together.

Our students can choose one of our packages:

Study in Paris + Weekend Trip to London (where you can choose Paris as a main location for study and do a weekend trip to London.

Study in London + Weekend Trip to Paris (where you can choose London as a main location for study and do a weekend trip to Paris).

Dual Programme: Week in Paris + Week in London (So, you can do both Paris and London, you can choose the duration of your study in each country from one week and further.)

Get in touch with us for more information! We are happy to help you to do the right choice according to your goals, comfort factor and budget.

High-octane adventures for older children and adults and special attractions for families with little ones and of Programs Meet ‘n’ Greet with beloved Disney® Characters. Gate Ready tickets.

Freedom to hop on and hop off the bus to explore Paris at your own pace See top Paris attractions: The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Arc de Triomphe & Notre-Dame Cathedral

See Paris from a unique perspective from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower Walk past the long entrance queues with skip the line access to the tower Your host will reveal fascinating details about the Eiffel Tower

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