British People and Culture

British Weather

The UK is known for having lots of rainy weather and coldness, which can be true during winter. Having said that, during summer months the  weather can be very warm. Temperatures exist in the region of 15 to 28°C. Although, in recent years it is known to reach 30°C. Spring is also a lovely time to visit the UK where flowers bloom and warming temperatures arrive around 9°C to 15°C. Autumn and fall arrive in September where it is known to get chilly, there will be lots of orange colours of falling leaves around which is nice to see in local parks.  

English people love to sit down in a nice café and have spiced hot drinks and cake during this time. The winter in England may be cold with sites of snow and dreary weather, but the brits celebrate this by having many indoor activities such as cinema, restaurants, in-door mini golf, in-door swimming pools and shopping malls. There is much to do in England even if the weather is not good during winter.

English Social Reserve- don’t be offended!

You may find that in busy cities in England such as London or Manchester, the people can be quite reserved. This is highly unusual for some countries around the world since smiling and saying “good morning” or ‘good evening’ to a stranger isn’t uncommon. However, in smaller towns and villages in England, you may find people saying good morning and greeting you as they walk past.

The English Lingo
There are many phrases that the English use to present how they feel or to describe a particular situation, an example is a phrase such as ‘Gone pear-shaped ‘or ‘winding me up’. The meaning of the phrase itself may not be immediately obvious, but don’t be afraid to ask for translation, you are not alone!

British Food

While most British people eat a lot of pasta, pizza and dishes influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures - like curries and stir fries – some of the old favourites are still on the menu, even if they’re not eaten every day. One of the good examples of Traditional British cuisine would be Sunday Roast and Afternoon Tea, which we would definitely recommend you to try.  If you have any specific food preferences you also should not be worried, as England is so international and  offer a great selection of food options to everyone, including healthy organic food and vegan products.

Sunday roast
Sunday Roast is one of the most favourite British dishes, which often people eat for a breakfast or brunch on a lazy Sunday or over the weekend.  No matter how much we would try to describe a Sunday roast, it’ll probably sound a little… “Meh!” but you should trust us and simply try it, it’s delicious. You can find it in one of the local pubs or most cafes that serve breakfast and all-day brunches.  

Afternoon Tea
Taking afternoon tea is a long-standing British tradition and a must-try on your visit to England. From themed meals to traditional styles, this ceremonious event is steeped in history and can be enjoyed at some of London’s top hotels, restaurants and bars, all offering their individual take on this quintessentially British occasion.

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