Apartment Rent

Rent a Flat

For students who want their privacy renting an apartment can be a good solution. However, there are a number of aspects to be considered before taking that decision.

First of all, a student should be aware that renting a flat or a studio in capital locations, such as London and Paris can be quite expensive, especially if we are talking about central locations, which we would highly recommend, as they are the safest and with a good access to all our schools and universities.


Rental Fees

Prices in London for a studio flat start from £1000 per month. In other cities such as Brighton, Oxford, Exeter rental price can be less for as much as 30-40% depending on the location. In Paris situation is slightly better with rental price for a one bedroom flat start from 800 €.

Additional rental expences will include: agent fee, deposit and sometimes a reference fee. Antoher financial expences that have to be taken into account is utility bills and miscellaneous services (Wi-Fi, Phone etc.)  as they normally are not included in the rent price. In London, depends on the time of the year in average bills are £80-100 per month.


Our Service

We would be happy to help our students to arrange a flat rent, assisting them through the process, which will include contact the estate agencies, arrange flat viewings, negotiate the fees, as well as provide advice on what areas best to consider based on your budget and other preferences.

If you ask us for an opinion we would suggest that renting a flat can be a good option for already mature students, those who on the 2nd or 3rd year at the university, as renting does require some extra responsibilities. Additionally, when students are just begin their education and its their first time being away from family and friends they might feel lonely or isolated in the flat alone, whereas  a student accommodation is a perfect environment to meet with new people and stay engaged in social activities.


Other Solutions

For a lower budget there is also an option of renting a room in a flatshare. The most popular site in London for the room search  is spareroom.com. However, please be aware the site is free for everyone therefore some of the adverts can be scam, and some adverts will be from private landlords, who are much less credible than estate agencies. Additionally, depending on the duration of you study you migh like to consider renting with Airbnb.

Some students chose to stay with Airbnb while looking for a flat, which can be a good idea for those don't want to rush their decision and prefer to take their time finding a perfect flat, as the property market in London and Paris is very dynamic with new flats being added on a daily basis.


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