About Us

Dear student,

Thank you for your interest in Student Semester Europe.

We are a study abroad agency here to help you to accomplish your dream of studying abroad.

We are based in London, and have a global presence with our ambassadors being located all over the world.  We offer wide selection of language short and long-term courses and degree programs.

We are a trusted partner of many prestigious language schools and high-ranking universities at most vibrant locations of England and France.

We understand how complex and stressful it can be to take a decision of studying abroad. We went through this process ourselves and remember from our personal experience all good and bad sides of this journey.

There are so many options in the market nowadays, with each school having its own prons and cons and so many of them might sound so appealing, so you migh think 'that's too good to be true' and my ask yourself 'how to make the right choice?'. We understand, this can be tough. But, we are here to help you  to narrow your choice to a few options that would suite your needs the most, so we can reassure you made the right choice.


For Parents

We also understand concerns of our parents, as it is such a big step in your kid’s life and that's normal to have some doubts and questions. But, please don’t worry we will give you all the information you need and will answer all  of the questions, so there will be no room for doubts left.

We also understand it is a big investment and you want to reassure you spend it right.  From our experience we can say that giving your kid an opportunity of studying abroad can be the best investment in their successful future.  We believe studying abroad in international environment, away from comfort zone at home is a life changing experience. You kid will not only get a quality education and profession for life, but will also learn even more important skills in life, such as being independent, take responsibilities, learn to communicate with people from different backgrounds, manage finance on their own, and experience life at a new place in a new environment.

Whatever you have in your mind we are here to help you, so please feel free to get in touch!  We are multi-national, experienced in education consulting and has all the information and necessary skills to make your application and programme selection process as smooth and possible and to reassure you made the right choice.

Do you have any questions?  Please, get in touch!

We would be happy to give you a free consultation!

Our Services

Education Advice: Program type, duration, intensity, subjects, course structure, credits.

Enrolment support: Explain and help to meet admission requirements, verify and prepare application documents, progress with application and enrolment.

Accommodation: Explain housing options, costs, advantages and disadvantages of all options, help to choose the most optimal option, organise accommodation booking, deposit and payment.

Health and safety: Explain insurance policies, provide on-site health and safety.

Safe Travel: Support with booking flights, airport transfer, moving in, getting to university.

Safety Guide: Explain safety rules of living in a foreign country/ metropolitan city, living on your own

On-site orientation: Make sure our students feel comfortable at a new place, assist with any questions and other additional services that may require.

Visa Application: We are experienced student visa specialists provide full support with documentation and application to our students.

Guide on Local Living: Explain local regulations and policies, understanding local culture and people.

Additional services: We provide additional personalised services, available upon request.

Why choose SSE as your Education Adviser?

Trusted partner: We are a trusted education partner to universities in London and France.

Health and Safety: We are committed to provide information on health and safety of our students during the time abroad.

Personalised approach: We are committed to provide to each our students a personalised approach. We will help you to make the right choice based on your budget, goals and other requirements.

Accommodation: We have multiple quality and trusted homestay connections in England and France. We can offer a great selection of housing options available to our students.

Free Excursions: We have a great selection of excursions to be offered for our students in Paris, which are included in the price.

Professional Help with Visa: Obtaining a student visa can be stressful, but our team is experts on that and we will make the process for you as smooth as possible.

Local Support & Guardian: 24/7 hours personalised support will be provided to each of our students. Any questions you have you can always get in touch with our local support team.

Parent Promise: We understand how stressful it can be for parents to send their child abroad. But, don’t worry we will look after your kid. We are happy to keep in touch with you and to provide you with necessary updates on your kid’s academic performance, health and wellbeing.  

Passion and Professionalism: We love what we do! And we promise to do our bests to provide you with the excellent personalised services and to help you to get the most of your time abroad, leave your comfort zone, experience life away from home, enhance your education and expand vision, meet interesting people, discover new places, and to enjoy every day of your journey as much as you can.

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